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Saskatoon's Only
Halotherapy Salt Therapy Room

Salt Therapy YXE is all about healing.

My journey into creating a salt therapy room is a recent one. As a young adult, I was affected by allergies, sports induced asthma and colds that inevitably went straight into my chest. I was often on prescriptions, two different types of inhalers and have had to stop during two races to have paramedics use a nebulizer. It was difficult for me to resort to that, as someone who is very active and prefers to chooses alternative healing,

In November of 2018 in casual conversation, someone mentioned using salt therapy. It was not until I got very sick in February 2019 that I experienced the benefits of salt therapy as an alternative treatment for my lungs and learned of its healing properties for so many other health related issues.


A healthier you

Make your health a priority

Salt Therapy

The benefits to halotherapy on a person is immeasurable when their health is struggling. Book a Salt Therapy session and see the benefits for yourself.

Alternative Therapy

Being a health coach, certified in Reiki healing, essential oils and more, I am always looking to empower my clients wherever needed.


Along with our amazing salt room comes salt products that you can purchase for use in your own home.

Covid Notice

We want you to know that we take Covid seriously.

It is real. We are practicing covid protocol to keep everyone safe. We have hand sanitizer for you and ask that everyone wear a SURGICAL mask when entering and exiting the business.

Once you are in the salt room, your mask can be removed so you can experience the full effect of the salt room. Once you leave the room, we ask that you wear the mask to ensure protection.

SAVE 50%

When you book a Salt Room Therapy Session with a friend, they only pay $25! 

*Second person must be from the same household. Booking promo is for a sharing a single session.