I never used to drink coffee!

I have never been a coffee drinker, as it seemed to bother my stomach.

I started using Gano Excel a few years ago for the benefits of the ganoderma mushroom. I look forward to and enjoy my cup every morning.

I take the packets on my road trips and everywhere else that I’ve travelled to.

Their wide range of products not only include coffee they also carry their antibacterial toothpaste (without fluoride), antibacterial goat’s milk soap and 3 specific supplements first one known for its high nutritional values, the second to improve energy, stamina and sexual libido and the third is known as the brain tonic.

The rich, gourmet flavors of our enriched coffees, teas, and cocoas will bring you an extra boost when you’re feeling down without the nasty crash that comes with most caffeinated beverages. By enriching our products with natural botanical ingredients, we provide energy that lasts you through the day without sacrificing taste. There are two kinds of energy, immediate energy for today, and sustained energy for tomorrow. Experience both in every delicious cup!

If you are interested in purchasing Gano Excel products, send a message.

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