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About Me

In 2012, what started out as a chest cold and then running a race ended up as pneumonia. This left me flat on my back for at least 6 weeks.

Introduced To Salt Therapy

Allergies, experienced sports induced asthma and colds troubled me for years.

My lungs were my Achilles heel.

In 2012, a chest cold turned into pneumonia while running a race. It left me flat on my back for at least six weeks.

Sickness plagued me again in February 2019. Suspecting pneumonia, I looked for something besides inhalers or medications. Salt therapy rooms looked promising.

I was fortunate enough to find a private salt room. I used it every second day for the first couple weeks, tapering off to once or twice a week. Everything cleared up within weeks!

Bringing It To Saskatoon

I knew I had to build my own salt room. We needed an alternative to pharmaceuticals here in Saskatoon.

The initial idea was to serve people with respiratory illnesses. My research found that it offers many other health benefits. I experience the positive effects as do my many clients!

My vision is that everyone who enters this space feel safe, loved, cared for, served and uplifted in my presence.
♡ Lynn

More about me

I grew up on a farm in St. Louis, SK.

With a strong work ethic and the ability to connect easily with people I became one of Saskatchewan’s first females in the funeral profession where I still work 40 years later.

Outside of work, I volunteer for various charities, fundraisers and organizations and participate in seminars and classes to continue further my education.

I am a mother of two adult daughters.

I consider myself an accomplished athlete qualifying and completing the Boston Marathon, finishing 5th in my age at the Ironman distance Challenge Triathlon in Penticton, Qualifying and Competing in the ITU Worlds Triathlon Championships in Edmonton, completed the Blackfoot 50K Ultra trail run near Edmonton, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa and hiked the Inca trail in Peru.

I enjoy being active which can consist of running, Crossfit, hiking, swimming, biking, working in the yard and just about anything else.
I love adventure and travel and have been to many destinations to name a few; Africa, Guatemala, Antiqua, Costa Rica, Germany, Austria, Hawaii, Peru as well as several destinations in the USA and Mexico.


I have been working with holistic healing modalities for a number of years. With my certifications I am trained to use many alternative-healing techniques:

Covid Notice

We want you to know that we take Covid seriously.

It is real. We are practicing covid protocol to keep everyone safe. We have hand sanitizer for you and ask that everyone wear a SURGICAL mask when entering and exiting the business.

Once you are in the salt room, your mask can be removed so you can experience the full effect of the salt room. Once you leave the room, we ask that you wear the mask to ensure protection.

SAVE 50%

When you book a Salt Room Therapy Session with a friend, they only pay $25! 

*Second person must be from the same household. Booking promo is for a sharing a single session.