Millions of years ago, Earth was a watery planet. Totally enveloped in a salty, primal ocean, the land we walk upon today appeared over countless millennium as the subsiding seas were slowly evaporated by the energy of the sun.

Today, 70 percent of the Earth is still covered in salt water. Life comes from the ocean. The water of the ocean- a natural water and salt solution contains the essential energy for the creation of life.  All life forms on this planet have emerged from the ocean.

We can observe this process in the growth of a fetus in the womb. Beginning from the day of conception, the embryo passes through all developmental stages of evolution. After 5 weeks it develops fish-like gills that slowly recede. Two hundred and fifty million years of evolution are performed in this period from one single cell to a human being with consciousness.

Our body is always striving to maintain its natural balance and return to its natural state. It starts in the womb, in the amniotic fluid, in 98.6 degree F one percent water and salt solution.  If we enable our body, with the help of water and salt, to regulate itself, the body is able to regenerate itself and conquer disease. We can re-establish the primal order in our body with the help of these original elements and understand the holistic abilities of water and salt.

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