Other Services

Angel Card Reading

We all have our own Angel Team who are with us all of the time even if we are unaware of their presence. These Angels want to help you with every aspect of your life. However, because you have free will, your angels can only help you if you ask for their assistance.

Angel Card readings are a way of me helping you connect to your team. There is no fear in these readings it is gentle and loving. It is not earth shattering nor is it predicting the future. It is a guided message and a reminder of your angels love and presence.

Young Living Essential Oils

Every essential oil contains vital plant compounds, many of which have been studied for their positive effects. These compounds offer the greatest potential benefit in their natural, unadulterated state.. For more than 20 years Young Living has set the standard for determining essential oil purity and potency.

Not only are Young Living oils powerful and effective-they are also versatile. You can diffuse, dilute or apply topically depending on the oil. The health benefits to using the oils are endless.

You can avoid many chemicals in your cleaning and personal care products by using therapeutic-grade oils. I’ve made my own bug and tick repellent it’s effective, smells great and it’s safe for your child and dog.

Gano Excel - Signature Products

Gano Excel’s signature products are all enriched with botanical ingredients including our wonder-herb Ganoderma lucidum. Also known as Reishi and Lingzhi, this 4,000 year -old herb has been called the “herb of immortality” and is commonly used for medicinal purposes throughout the world. It has been known to help boost your immunity, fight viruses and bacteria, and improve body functions like cholesterol, blood pressure, and circulation. Because of its recognized health benefits and absence of side effects, it has attained a reputation as the ultimate herbal supplement.

Gano Excel is the pioneer in extracting Ganoderma Lucidum in its purest form and has a well-deserved reputation as the ultimate herbal supplement. 

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