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Salt Caves & Chambers: Natural Hospitals

Salt has the natural ability to balance the positive charge. In olden times it was customary for farmers to cover newly constructed rooms with salt before they moved in, in an attempt to chase away evil spirits. The evil spirits of yesteryear are today’s dissonant electromagnetic vibrations. But the neutralizing force of natural salt can balance the detrimental frequencies of electro-smog. This special characteristic of salt is utilized by the atomic industry where, in the abandoned salt chamber of Gorleben, Germany they store spent atomic fuel cylinders.  The salt can neutralize radioactive radiation.

It’s not just the purity of the air in the salt chambers that have such healing effects, but more so it’s resonant vibrations, that activate our self-healing and self-regulating powers.

When our body is sick and lacking its natural frequency, salt can bring us back into our original, balanced state.

Deep in the heart of the Earth, surrounded by millions of tons of salt, patients can encounter the influence of the enormous power of the salt’s balancing frequency or vibration thereby replenishing the body with its energy deficit.

In principle, all symptoms of illness can be therapeutically neutralized through salt. A remarkable study done on patients with liver disease has proven this phenomenon. After just two and one-half hours in the salt cave, their liver conditions improved drastically. Obviously the liver patients were not healed in such a short period of time because their illness had already manifested within the physical organ.

Unless the healing salt chamber therapy was repeated on a daily basis, the patients would relapse to their original state of vibration twenty-four hours after leaving the salt chamber. On an energetic level, however, as long as the patients remained in the healing salt chamber they maintained a healthy state.

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Covid Notice

We want you to know that we take Covid seriously.

It is real. We are practicing covid protocol to keep everyone safe. We have hand sanitizer for you and ask that everyone wear a SURGICAL mask when entering and exiting the business.

Once you are in the salt room, your mask can be removed so you can experience the full effect of the salt room. Once you leave the room, we ask that you wear the mask to ensure protection.

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